Saturday, August 9, 2008

Upper West Side Lunch

Salsas at Taqueria Y Fonda
Salsas at Taqueria Y Fonda.

Your best bet for lunch? Pack it yourself (See the grocery recommendations below). You’ll save money, limit calories, and eat better. When a lunchbox isn’t feasible, try these options.

On Campus

LenFest Café
In the law school building attached to SIPA, this sunny spot sells passable sushi rolls and decent soups.

Ferris Booth Commons
Spy on the undergrads at this smorgasbord on the 3rd floor of Lerner Hall. Lots of salad options.

Brownie’s Café
Found in the basement of Avery Hall, not operated by Columbia dining services. Tasty sandwiches which feature pesto, freshly grilled veggies, and fresh mozzarella. You will have to fight the arty architecture students for a table.

Off Campus

Max Caffe

1262 Amsterdam Ave near 122nd St.
A comfy coffeehouse with good sandwiches and salads. The kind of spot you can park your laptop for multiple hours in the afternoon, but electrical plugs are few and far between.

Milano Market
2892 Broadway between 111th and 112th St.
Excellent sandwiches to go, freshly made and featuring Italian ingredients.

Roti Roll Bombay Frankie

994 Amsterdam Ave. near 109th St.
Spicy Indian “burritos”.

Taqueria Y Fonda
968 Amsterdam Ave between 107th and 108th Sts.
This Mexican dive serves your standard burritos, tacos, enchiladas and tortas (Mexican sandwiches) for student-friendly prices.

Thai Market
960 Amsterdam at 107th St.
From 12 noon to 3:30, $8 gets you a flavorful appetizer and main course off this bright, airy and somewhat trendy spot’s special lunch menu.

Westside Market
2840 Broadway at 110th St.
The salad bar at this grocery store has the best options and prices around. There’s a bunch of fresh fruit available, as well as interesting composed salads. The market charges by the pound, not by the item, so you can eat your weight in blackberries or carrots for the same price.

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