Friday, August 1, 2008

About the Upper West Side Dining Guide

To eat the best food New York City has to offer, you must venture below 72nd Street--and even better, off the island of Manhattan. When I moved to New York, fellow foodblogger Eating in Translation recommended I buy myself an unlimited metro card and occasionally leave the Columbia campus far behind. However, a few weeks into my first year of grad school, I knew that despite my best intentions, the majority of my meals would have to happen somewhere on the Upper West Side, often in Morningside Heights.

Fortunately, among the overpriced, underwhelming spots that surround Columbia there are more than a few gems. Hopefully this guide, based on my favorites, will help you discover a few of them. This is not a comprehensive guide—I have yet to try soul food in Harlem, for example—but I only wanted to feature places I’ve actually visited myself.

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Brad and Kath said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for your blog! I'm starting my masters there this summer and can't wait to try your recommendations!!!